Friday, May 13, 2011

Demo Mix: Spring Demo

Ahhhh Spring is here at last, or actually its almost on its way out. Either way, your boy High B has been laying going through the Mixing school of Hard knocks yet again adjusting to his new arsenal of equipment. After about 2 Years of mixing with a controller I finally decided to make the next logical step up in equipment and purchased a pair of CD Decks and a 2-Channel Mixer. No more auto sync for me, just beat-matching by ear and throwing in the tracks.

After much trial and error and numerous attempts at recording, I bring to you Highbloods Spring Dubstep Mix for 2011. This mix is a highlight of the new and old stylings of Highblood with its 08/09 (What I call the Golden Age of Dubstep) Dubstep classics to the Modern bro-tastic goresteppy-ness, I try to bring some slightly aged gems back into the light for the new listeners but still hold a tight leash with the new stylings of modern production. Without further ado, I showcase the times when fidget producers were just as confused with themselves as a female college freshman, singers left the tie downs of band members to pursue a solo career that doesn't involve a microphone and bedroom mixer, and when people layed down the pipes and bongs of yore to wield dollar bills, parliament cigarette butts, and the classic overgrown pinky nail.

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Imogen Heap - Hide and Seek (Roksonix Dubstep Mix)
AC Slater - Hello
AC Slater - Calm Down
Datsik & Downlink - Against the Machines
Borgore - Borgore Ina Trouble
16 Bit - In the Death Car (Vocal Mix)
High Rankin- No Money for Guns
TC - Wheres My Money (Caspa Remix - Jack Beats Re-edit)
D-Jahsta- Transmorph VIP
Vista - Iron Fist
Skrillex - Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites
Bare - 2 Die 4
Hulk - PSA
Zero One - Malfunction (Diesel Remix)
Gutta - My Sound
Control - Kenny Powers
Doctor P - Bog Boss
Funtcase - So Vexed
Oblivion - Armegeddon

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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Live Set: 2nd Annual Good Vibes

Live From Good Vibes 2 Download --->

A preface to this set; back in December of 2010, a friend of mine had told me of Reggae/Dubstep stage that they were putting together for a future multi genre event and asked if I had any reggae influenced dubstep I can throw together in a mix; of course I said yeah and I told him I'd have a quick reggae inspired mix in his hands by weeks end. The drive home from the quick meeting had left my mind in a whirling dervish of tracks and the best mashups/transitions my brain could throw together. I was excited for 2 reasons, I knew this event would be big and more importantly, the low-end, subby, airhorny, ragga sampled fundamentals of dubstep is what drew me to the music in the first place and now I had an excuse to be playing it (At the time, I was playing events geared toward younger audiences so low end slower paced dub would normally be a room clearer).

Enter Highbloods Winter Dubstep Mix, Reggae Sub Dub. Over the course of the week I hunted for songs from old mixes and pulled out some gems I hadn't dropped since the humble beginnings of Highblood. No secret, my dubstep roots come entirely from the San Francisco underground scene so naturally I'd try and rep my "bay-destrian" brothers by dropping a few tracks from the north (don't worry, I have just as much love for the SoCal dubbers and heavy hittas ;), so in Reggae Sub Dub I found myself throwing down some Antiserum, Ripple and Eskmo to name a few (for kicks I'll list the other 2 Bay producers I dropped, D Prgram and Truth). I mixed a solid half and hour and told myself, "Hey, you did a good fucking job. The fam will be stoked." I confidently burned 2 copies, one for the car, and one to give as a sample. The day came where I handed my mix over and awaited some feedback.

Holy shit did we have two entirely different viewpoints on what we considered reggae influenced dubstep! I asked, "How was it?" and the text I received was "It needs more reggae this is not chill enough." I caught a break though when I was told I was on the event anyways, now that's homey love right there. Back to the drawing board.
February 2011, I discover Netflix and fall off the face of the earth.

March 2011, I find its crunch time now, and being fresh from a month of being mix free, I find myself scrambling to throw a set together. After endless dubstep mixes, I decide it may not be the natural way for me to start things. I stared at the poster for the event and thought of the first emotion that was evoked from the flier, I figured itd be the vibe people expected from the event, I then thought "This shit is called called Good Vibes >_<" the meaning of the event titled hadn't even dawned on me. Enter "Fuzzy Slippahs," Highbloods alto ego, the softer side, the less brutal side... the liquid side. I figured if I couldn't go as "reggae" as needed, I knew chill was also a term thrown around for my set concept. Out of nowhere I found myself mixing a genre I had only mixed one other time before (Back to the Bass Kick - Highbird Productions - 9/10/10) and man was it working out :) Other than a few snafus that DJ Raichoons (Liquid friggin guru) helped me out with, my set was on its way to being the final product I presented at the event itself (On side note, the intro ended up being Santana because it came on shuffle and I instantly had a mash in my brain). One final issue, my bread and butter was being overlooked; Dubstep. Long story short Diz/eaze, hooked it up with a DnB to Dub transitional track, Radio Killaz - Gonna B Fire. I mix dubstep Day in day out so the rest sort of fell together-ish? Finally after that long preface, Highblood presents "Live From Good Vibes 2" Live From Good Vibes 2 Download --->


Carlos Santana - Da Tu Amor
Logistics - Together
High Contrast - Eternal Optimist
Shy Fx - Unavailable
Shy FX - Plastic Soul/Don't Rush
LAOS - Helsinki
D.Kay and Epsilon - Barcelona (High Contrast VIP)
London Elektricity - Just One Second (Apex Remix)
Brookes Brothers vs Futurebound - Dawn Treader
Adam F - 8 Ball
D.Kay - Undercover Funk
Random Movement - A Good Start is Saying No
Heist - Pinchers
Shy FX - Everyday
Rebel MC - Tribal Natty (Aphrodite Remix)
DJ Callide - My Style
Cooh - Ganja Lighta
Radio Killaz ft. MC Cobra - Gonna B Fire (K2 Dirty Halfstep Skank Out Mix)
Doctor P - Big Boss
Brat Killa - Violent Crayon
D-Jahsta - Transmorph VIP
Funtcase - So Vexed
Audio Spektics - Vigilante Movements
Dash Total'd - How I roll
Skumstep - Mind Fuked
Bare - 2 Die 4
Dodge & Fuski - Do Not Fuck With Us
Oblivion - Armageddon
Zero One - Malfunction (Diesel Remix)
Gutta - My Sound
Jakes - Warface 2010